iKON - Love Scenario

iKON - Love Scenario

"Sarangeul haetta uriga manna, Jiuji motthal chueogi dwaettda."

You might have heard these lyrics playing at events, radio stations, online music streams, etc. iKON’s Love Scenario has been a major success, topping the music charts, winning Gaon’s platinum certification for streaming (also Song of The Year), and it also became a top song in Billboard Korea for the first half of 2018. The song also reached an all-skill status. Not only that, 9 months after the song has been release, ‘Love Scenario’ has been popular not only locally, but also worldwide.

But what was the meaning behind the song? Love Scenario is a breakup song, mixing the beat and instrumentals, describing someone who gets over from a breakup, getting over from a failed relationship. Also, the items that appeared on the music video symbolize the memories of the member’s past lover. Having movie tapes as an element for the music video symbolizes the absence of their other half, being compared to the ending of the movie. The song beats blends up the hip-hop vibe, soft instrumentals, jazzy rock, and EDM beats. The lighting also symbolizes the loneliness, comparing the lightness and dark theme. The choreography emphasizes each song's parts while having a catchy melody, making each member shine between their lines. B.I having a distinct rap while harmonizing to the beat, which passed to Jay’s soothing voice. If you love Bobby, surely he will take over your heart with his rap (believe me, it will make you hard to recover for so many feels.) D.K and June passing the mic to B.I. Adding choreography in rap parts as each member dancing with it. Song and Chan (which always making everyone confused by having the same look.) sweet vocals, making the track to have an uplifting and positive mood. What makes it unique was that the song is so catchy despite having a heartbreaking meaning behind the song.

If you have recalled in the Korean Variety show called "Weekly Idol" which they had iKON as their guest, the group revealed that Love Scenario was inspired by the movie ’La La Land’ last part. It’s all about the love story that will be difficult to erase; reminiscing the memories of being painful yet beautiful at the same time.

‘Love Scenario’ being popular for kids.

The song became so much popular among the kids, even the elementary students. The song was also used by the kids in learning how to write in Hangul, and to practice their writings. Aside from that, the kids also sing and dance to the song and uploaded it on their social media accounts, which became a trend in South Korea.

Due to its popularity, some elementary schools banned the song in the classroom due to the students singing it too much. But banning the song doesn’t stop the trend, the iKONICS (name of iKON fandom) hosted a special sing event called "PiKONIC" day for all the fans.

Aside from the events circulating around the world, the popularity of the song never stops trending. Once again, it gathered online attention for showing up such as in the fitness class, formal music events. But one thing that made the attention of the people gathered was when the song was being performed in a church in South Korea. Although they made a little rendition to fit on the said event, still, the song is easily being distinguished by many.

A lot of fans are totally shocked by how the song became so popular and how it became an influential song to many. The fans are not able to contain their ’feels’ which made them tweet about it through their Twitter pages, sharing their delight and how proud they are on iKON.

Yang Hyunsuk, the founder of YG Entertainment which is iKON’s home base, posted a compilation of the videos through his Instagram page.

Due to the popularity rise of the song, as of November 2019, ’Love Scenario’ has reached 300 million views on YouTube, making it their first music video that surpassed 350 million views. ’Love Scenario’ is the title track of their second full album"Return" which was released last January 25, 2018.

The song also featured in different shows in Korea, such as The Return of Superman, Running Man, Infinite Challenge, Happy Together, 2 days 1 night, and more.

Samsung also collaborated with iKON to have exclusive skin and emote in Fortnite. The 3 companies agreed to release and launch the iKONIK Skin basing on iKON’s Chanwoo or Chan, and a new Scenario emote for Fortnite that is said to be perfectly paired with the iKON’s Love Scenario tune. These are exclusive to the players who own Samsung Galaxy s10, s10+, or s10e, and the set will remain accessible to Fortnite players until December 31, 2019.

Even if you’re a Kpop Fan or not, this song is definitely your favorite vibe, regardless of the year. Congratulations, iKON!