K-pop star Rain Marriage

K-pop star Rain Marriage

The Catholic wedding recently took place in Gahoe-dong cathedral in Jongno, Seoul but lets take a look back at the events leading up to the surprisingly modest wedding. 

In a hand-written letter to fans, South Korean pop icon Rain announced his engagement to top actress Kim Tae-Hee. However, unlike most fans would have expected, the letter said that their wedding would be low-key given the country's economic and political woes.

"I am going to be a good husband and man as a head of a family," said the singer in the letter, posted on his Instagram feed.

"She has always been by my side through the hard times and the good times," he said, referring to the actress who is two years older than him and is popular across Asia.

The couple first met while shooting a TV commercial in 2011 but they didn't start dating until 2012.

The wedding attracted the attention of the media and fans as Rain - whose real name is Jung Ji-Hoon - is one of the biggest names in the world of K-pop. This genre of music amasses a huge amount of followers not only in South Korea but across Asia and beyond.

Even though Rain is mainly known as a K-pop icon, he has also starred in numerous South Korean TV dramas and Hollywood action pictures including the Wachowski brothers‘ "Ninja Assassin" and "Speed Racer".

"Regarding the time and the wedding ceremony, we plan to keep it as quiet and holy as possible during the current unstable national mood and economically difficult times," he said.

The wedding is going to take place at a Catholic church in Seoul with family members.

Rain is also known for being confined to barracks for a week back in January 2013 for sneaking out to meet Kim while performing his mandatory military service.

Rain was Time magazine's 2007 most influential person in the world. Stephen Colbert was second. In 2008, Stephen Colbert jokingly challenged Rain to a dance off with words like "Hey Rain, let's see if Korea will lift the embargo on balls". Colbert even did a Korean kind of music video, jokingly mocking Rain.

Rain comes from a humble background which is one of the reasons he puts so much effort into everything he does. Either dancing, singing or acting, Rain always works hard to deliver the best result yet. That is why he is also famous for his statement: "If you were to ask me the reason I tried so hard, there is no reason. Trying as hard as possible is everyone's duty in life."