Western Celebrities who love K-Pop

Western Celebrities who love K-Pop

The Korean wave is taking the world by storm. Its influence is such that even the biggest Hollywood stars are taking notice. From Liam Neeson to Lorde, a log of big-name actors and singers know and love a thing or two about K-Pop and Korean culture.

One of the most prominent Hollywood celebrities taken by Korean culture is Liam Neeson. During his visit to South Korea on July 2016, the "Taken" actor showed that he's up to day with K-Pop. At the same time he was promoting his movie "Operation Chromite" he gave his best version of TWICE's famous "sha sha sha" move from the group's song "Cheer Up." He also confessed that his love for Korean food, particularly Kimchi.

During an interview on Conan, Emma Stone revealed her obsession for K-Pop and gushed about her favorite, 2NE1. When host Conan O'Brien asked her to describe K-Pop, the star said, "it's a global phenomenon. It's beyond excellent. It's the best thing you've ever seen."

Conan O'Brien is also taken with South Korean culture. During his visit to South Korea in 2016, he immersed himself in the many colorful aspects of South Korean life and culture. He tried to learn Hangul, visited a historic fish market and even featured in a Korean drama series and K-Pop music video.

The Grammy Award-winning singer Lorde is also a huge fan of K-Pop. She proclaimed her love for the genre, described it as having interesting melodies and songs, and then went on to affirm that the Korean version of pop is more captivating that the one in the West. According to allkpop, Lorde lists 2NE1 and Lee Hi as her favorite K-Pop acts.

K-Pop has also conquered the hearts and minds of The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham. The actresses have proclaimed themselves fans over K-Pop groups on Twitter. Dobrev even tweeted about 2NE1 being badass and amazing, to which Graham replied that she is also obsessed with K-Pop.

Jaden Smith is also a fan of K-Pop. Will Smith's son had the chance to visit the YG Entertainment headquarters with his father in 2013. There he hung out with Yang Hyun Suk, CL, G-Dragon, Taeyang and T.OP. More recently, Jaden even showed love for G-Dragon on Twitter, calling the BIGBANG member his idol. Jaden has also revealed he plans on becoming a K-Pop Star someday.