Why 2NE1 is a Legendary Unique Girl Group

Why 2NE1 is a Legendary Unique Girl Group

2NE1 consists of four members namely Park Sandara, Park Bom, Lee Chaerin (CL), Gong Minji (Minzy). 2NE1 debuted in 2009 under YG Entertainment with their debut song titled "Fire". The song was a hit, earning Song of the Month (May) in Cyworld Digital Music Awards, Hot Online Song in MNET’s 20s Choice Award, Best Music Video in MNET Asian Music Award (MAMA), etc. Since then, the group made a unique yet powerful music video such as I Am The Best, Come Back Home, Go Away, I Love You, Come Back Home, etc, which won and nominated in several music awards, not only in Korea but also International. But why is it that this group is an extremely unique girl group despite being disbanded?

Before they debuted, 2NE1 collaborated with Bigbang for LG Cyon phone with the music video ‘Lollipop’. The song is not considered as their debut song as it is only intended for promotions. 2NE1: the name combining "21st Century", and "New Evolution". In July 2009, after the release of ’Fire’, the group released the song titled ’I Don’t Care’, making the EP third highest-selling album of 2009 according to Hanteo charts. It rivaled Girls Generation’s ’Gee’, making it one of the biggest songs of the year. Solo promotions also made its way as Dara collaborating with Cass Beer, releasing a cf song titled "Kiss" starring actor Lee Minho, Park Bom’s "You and I" which earned the number one spot on the Gaon chart, and CL and Minzy’s collaborating song titled "Please Don’t Go". Even though they are a rookie group at that time, 2NE1 winning lots of awards such as "Best New Artist" at Melon Music Awards, "Song of the Year" at the MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) – their first Daesang after six months of debuting. Also, the girls have lots of endorsement such as Etude House, Cass Beer, Baskin Robbins, Fila, etc.

In 2010, the group also collaborated with Black -Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, making their way to US Entertainment. 2NE1 released its full-length album "To Anyone" in September. The album ranked as number seven on the Billboard World Albums Chart and received a certified all-kill on the Korean music charts. 2NE1 is namely BIGBANG female version. What made them so unique with the other girl groups, even on the present girl group is that they have these edgy-type fashion, unique hairstyles, making them the coolest girl group on the stage. Not only that, they don’t lip-sync in every live performances and concert. Their charismatic yet powerful aura makes them very different from the other girl groups. And that impression never changes. As a result, they gained lots of awards such as "Best Female Singer" at the 2010 Style Icon Awards, "Artist of the Year" and "Best Music Video of the Year" at MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and "Album of the Year" on the mentioned events and the Melon Music Awards. The group also released a single titled "Don’t Stop the Music" as a gift to the Thai fans.

In 2011, the group released their Japanese debut "Go Away" in March which made them ranked 24 on the Oricon Awards. However, they have postponed their promotions due to the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan that year. As they returned to Korea, they released their songs such as "I Am The Best", "Lonely", "Ugly" for their second-self titled album which reached number one on different music charts. "I Am The Best" winning the "Song of the Year" at MAMAs, reaching over 3.4 million digital downloads, also ranked as the fourth best-selling song in the country. The song was also featured on several international advertisements such as Microsoft and Adidas Japan and a video game Dance Central. Because of that, "I Am The Best" became on of the most popular and recognizable K-pop songs worldwide, making the group won awards in MTV’s "Best New Band" and being nominated for "Best New Artist" at Japan Record Award.

In 2012, they released a single titled ’I Love You’, making their sixth number one hit and first number-one single on the Korean Billboard chart. It was also the first Korean song aired on BBC Radio 1. 2NE1 also became the first Korean girl group to go on a solo tour in America, with two stops of their tour in Los Angeles and Newark, New Jersey. The group, together with their label mate group BIGBANG was included on MTV’s Best Band Style of 2012.

The group also released their two English songs that collaborated with will.I.am titled "Take the World On" and "Gettin’ Dumb". In 2013, they released a reggae song "Falling In Love" which won in MTV Iggy’s ’Song of the Summer’ award; the emotional ballad titled "Missing You", and the electro-pop theme "Do You Love Me".

2014 was also the group’s best year as they released the album "Crush" last February. The songs titled "Come Back Home", "Gotta Be You" and "Happy" were the songs from the album who became an instant hit. The album made it into number 61st, beating out BIGBANG and Girls Generation in becoming the highest-charting K-pop album. "Crush" album was also listed by Fuse and Rolling Stone as one of the best albums in the entire year. "Come Back Home" was listed as ninth number one hit and won "Best Electronica Song" at the Melon Music Awards. "Gotta Be You" was released in celebration of the group’s fifth anniversary since debut. It also won "Song of the Year" in MTV Iggy’s Award.

In 2015, the group has been on hiatus due to a lot of problems, and mismanagement, including the misunderstanding in Park Bom’s issue. Up to this day, the company has not released any further details regarding that matter, in which we can all agree that YG Entertainment could have handled the situation and protect its artist at all costs. Also, the solo promotions and mismanagement of the company made the group totally on hiatus. CL, on the other hand, released her solo single "Hello Bitches" featuring the Royal Family Dance crew, Minzy opening her own dance academy which was named "Millennium Dance Academy", Dara having her solo acting career which made her won the Best Actress in the webtoon "Dr. Ian". But they never failed to surprise everyone. In Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in the same year, after CL’s "Hello Bitches" performance, the whole group had a reunion performance, performing their top hits such as "Fire", and "I Am The Best". This was the most viewed performance on YouTube and also the most iconic performance that will remain in the history of K-pop.

In 2016, the year that almost made the blackjacks cried in pain. Minzy announced her departure from the company last April 26. YG Entertainment also stated that the trio will remain but Park Bom was released from her contract and 2NE1 was no longer a group on November 25, 2016, which makes the rest of the members, goes to their solo career. As of this writing, Park Bom has signed into a new label "D-Nation" entertainment and released her solo album after long hiatus. Minzy on the other hand are in talks to get her contract release from "Music Works", CL didn’t renew her contract to YG Entertainment and became a one-man agency; she also released her solo album and her own website. And Dara is still under YG Entertainment and busy with her variety shows.

"Goodbye" was the last farewell single that the trio has made and released last January 20th. Making the song as a farewell to everyone; Especially, for the blackjacks who had supported the group through thick and thin.

Nowadays, after the group left a remarkable history, making them the most unique and powerful aura in the K-pop girl group, it is indeed that they will always be the Queen. 2NE1 serves as an inspiration to the new girl groups of this generation.