Everyday Korea Challenge in NY

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is pleased to announce the production of a captivating four-part digital K-Variety program, titled 'Everyday Korea Challenge,' as a part of its ongoing Everyday Korea campaign. The captivating series aims to engage mainstream American audiences by showcasing the vibrant essence of Korean culture and entertainment. Renowned K-pop artist Eric Nam and four influential personalities from the United States will be featured.

K-Variety, known as 'yeh-neung' in Korean, offers a diverse range of captivating and unscripted entertainment content. These shows offer an intriguing glimpse into everyday life in Korea, providing a unique window into the country's vibrant culture.

Korean entertainment content has garnered immense attention from North American audiences, thanks to globally acclaimed K-Pop groups like BTS and Black Pink, as well as highly regarded movies and dramas such as "Parasite" and "Squid Game." The popularity of K-Variety programs such as "Running Man" in Korea has led to the creation of similar shows like "Jinny's Kitchen" on Amazon and several highly-rated unscripted Netflix programs, which have also garnered significant popularity while showcasing the diverse allure of Korean culture.

The 'Everyday Korea Challenge' aims to ignite the imagination of travelers by presenting a digital K-Variety program that takes viewers on four distinct travel experiences in Korea. Guided by Eric Nam, the program invites four influential personalities from the U.S. and challenges them to fully immerse themselves in thoughtfully curated travel encounters.

The series showcases four distinct experiences: 'Popular K-Culture,' 'Authentic K-Food,' 'Modern K-Luxury,' and 'Splendid K-Heritage.' Each episode features a different travel influencer, highlighting their unique journey through Korea. The featured influencers include xCeleste, a popular YouTuber with a dedicated K-Pop channel, LivingBobby, one of the leading travel YouTubers, BrettConti, a traveling entrepreneur, and LexieLimitless, the youngest person to set the Guinness World Record for visiting all countries.

Each episode of the "Everyday Korea Challenge" begins with Eric Nam introducing his recommended Everyday Korea experiences, followed by his challenge to the influencers to partake in them all. The influencers then embark on their respective journeys, documenting their adventures through vlogs on their individual channels as they explore the wonders of Korea.

The 'Everyday Korea Challenge' reflects the theme of KTO's global campaign, 'Challenge Korea,' which features Emmy-winning actor Lee Jung-Jae from "Squid Game" encouraging viewers to embrace the diverse aspects of Korea.

"Recently, we unveiled an AI-powered advertising campaign called 'Everyday Korea,' offering four themed travel experiences tailored to individuals interests," said Jaesok Park, Executive Director at the Korea Tourism Organization New York Office. "This digital series provides viewers with a chance to immerse themselves in the essence of Korea through the perspective of American influencers who share a genuine interest in Korea."

For an opportunity to win a trip to Korea, participants can enter sweepstakes on the campaign's website, EverydayKorea.us. By entering, you not only stand a chance to win two airline tickets but also gain valuable insights about the 'Everyday Korea Challenge' and the enticing travel experiences that await in Korea.

About Korea Tourism Organization

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is an organization of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST). KTO serves the interests of Korea's tourism economy by marketing the country as an all-season visitor destination. Fascinating history, rich culture, amazing food, and friendly people combine to make South Korea one of the most visited countries. The Visit Korea Year 2023-2024 campaign promoting K-Culture includes events involving K-pop concerts, e-sports, Korean food, cultural heritages, K-Travel Road Shows packages, and promotions all year round to boost visitors to Korea. Located in East Asia, South Korea is a country of contrasts, with tourist attractions ranging from ancient mountaintop Buddhist temples such as Bulguksa Temple to the ultra-modern skyscrapers as Lotte World Tower in Seoul.